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Solar Panels in Jacksonville

If you’re thinking about buying solar panels in Jacksonville or anywhere in North East Florida for that matter you are in the right place. At Jacksonville Solar Consultants we love to discuss of the many advantages of owning solar panels.  Installing solar panels for your home is one of the best, most efficient ways to bring power into your home and help the environment.

I'm a Little Concerned about Solar Panel Prices

Right now as I write this I have heard rumors of new government tariffs and that could be bad news if you’re thinking about putting off buying solar panels. Home prices are rising and solar panel prices are about to go up at an alarming rate. If we do get the planned government tariffs we could see the price of panels double almost overnight.

The Perfect Solution

I talk to people every day about their plans to improve their home by installing solar panels and the benefits of doing so. People get really excited about having the choice to generate their own power and living off the grid. The idea of actually getting money back from the power company for selling the power back to them is another thing people are really buzzing about, not to mention the tax rebates and incentives you can qualify for in Florida.

The Best Experience Ever

Take a look at solar and decide if it's right for you and your family. Questions you need answered are just a click away or feel free to call my personal number #904-567-7511
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I'm Grateful I got Solar!

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The panels they make now are the best they’ve ever been and they can actually provide 100% of your power needs. Being around the solar industry every day I forget that some people still don’t know that you can go 100% solar, but people get really excited when I sit down and consult with them.

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Florida is the best place to be for solar, we have great state solar incentives and we have abundant sunshine. It is the sunshine state. Prices are still lower than they have ever been but not for long. Get solar now before prices go up.

If you would like me to swing by your house for a few minutes and give you a personal recommendation and evaluation about what it would take to make your house power self sufficient fill out the solar power quiz on this page and that will help me get a little insight into what you need. I would be happy to do it for you.

The industry could be about to change for better or for worse and no one knows what’s going to happen for sure but if we get tariffs that means we will have less imports from overseas and the imported panels will most likely disappear from the market because of price to import them will go way up. Being able to buy solar at an affordable price is critical to keeping solar a viable option for the consumer, even if that means importing the product from overseas. Solar makes sense for the typical homeowner right now but price increases could put solar out of reach for most consumers